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Changing the Way We See Luxury - See Why

Today luxury consumers are actually educating brands, they are looking at the labels, and a returning to local production. This article will cover the subject of evolving luxury that reflects modern concernings such as sustainability and functionality while respecting our ecosystem. Eco-friendliness is all about using natural materials and methods whenever possible. This can not only make your designs more sustainable, but also give them a unique look that clients will love. Enjoyment is all about creating spaces that people will enjoy spending time in. This can include adding features like outdoor spaces or pure indoor spaces that are unique, or simply making sure the overall layout is pleasing to the eye. Functionality is key when it comes to designing for modern life. While visiting Maison & Objet this year, The Signature area in Hall 7 will feature bolder and more elegant, formal and creative offerings than ever, with a premium offering in which other, less tangible qualities now nevertheless play a central role. Read more here

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