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Antique Treasures Around Paris

The top areas to find interesting antiques in Paris are usually off the beaten tourist track. Get ready to go into some out of the way places to find the rare pearl you are looking for.

The most well known flea market for antiques is called the St-Ouen Flea Market located at metro Porte de Clignancourt. If you take a taxi, the French name for a flea market is "marché aux puces. This street market is sprawling antiques & vintage with around 2,500 sellers. If you have not found what you're looking for go to Montreuil’s Flea Market. This is where regular everyday people look for antiques, you won't find a lot of tourists there so your probability is higher to the piece you looking for. You’ll find anything from antique glassware, objets, clothes, light-fittings, furnishings and toys.

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